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To claim CLE credit, view by:  September 21, 2023

Through December 31, 2023, Minnesota-licensed attorneys can satisfy continuing legal education requirements by viewing and reporting up to 30 credits of on demand programming. Effective the first reporting period after January 1, 2024, there is no limit. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you practice, you may or may not be able to claim credit for viewing this on demand seminar. Please check with your licensing agency for accreditation information.

How to Handle a Personal Injury Case...And WIN!

Originally presented:  September 22, 2021     |     Course length:  6.5 hours

A practical, nuts and bolts seminar for the attorney with limited personal injury experience looking for an overview or the experienced attorney looking for a refresher. We'll focus on what to do and how to do it – from the first interview through trial. 

You Get:

  • Start to Finish Methods and Insights
    Experienced personal injury practitioners share their expertise and provide methods for and insights into commencing, investigating and preparing a personal injury case.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance
    What to do and how to do it. Perfect for new attorneys and attorneys who may not handle a large number of personal injury files.
  • 360 Degree Analysis
    Get plaintiff, defense and judicial perspectives on critical stages of a case.
  • Ethics to Avoid Mistakes
    Ethics insights with a personal injury focus – to help you avoid common pitfalls that lead to ethics complaints.

You can win your personal injury case, even with limited personal injury experience. Let experienced personal injury lawyers show you what to do and how to do it – step-by-step from intake through trial.

Bonus Resource FREE for All Attendees!
In addition to the course materials, all attendees will receive electronic access to Minnesota CLE’s Personal Injury Documents InFORMed Annotated Legal Document with eFormbook™.

Introduction and Overview  (15 MINUTES)
– Brandon E. Vaughn 

Getting a Winning Case – The Initial Interview and Case Evaluation  (30 MINUTES)
Knowing the facts and circumstances of the case and understanding the expectations, interests and positions of everyone involved is a critical first step in accepting a new client.  Get guidance on the crucial questions you need to ask yourself and your prospective client to ensure you take on a winning case.
– Cory P. Whalen

Uncovering Your Winning Facts and Understanding Your Case  (30 MINUTES)
Planning and conducting an in-depth investigation, including identifying witnesses, gathering documents, and developing an understanding of your case, is vital to winning and the goal of discovery. Find out what you need, where to find it and how to get it – quickly, from your client, opponent and third parties. 
– Kojo A. Addo

Creating a Win-Win with Effective Mediation  (30 MINUTES)
Avoiding counter-productive actions and creating mediation solutions that work can result in a win-win for everyone involved. Learn how to effectively work with a mediator and keep control of your outcome.
– Paul J. Rocheford 

Delivering Results with Winning Deposition Strategies  (45 MINUTES)
Preparing yourself and your witness are the keys to taking or defending depositions of both fact and expert witnesses. Learn how to use documents, ask the right questions, obtain admissions and more!
– Michael D. Stinson & Cory P. Whalen

Winning Techniques for Working with Experts  (45 MINUTES)
Personal injury cases often require identifying and working with an expert from date of incident, to case work up and demand, to litigation, trial prep and trial. How you work with an expert impacts your case at all stages. This session gives preliminary guidance for working with an expert at each stage, including managing costs and schedules, which experts to call at trial, when to call them and what testimony to elicit.
– Anthony J. Schrank

Is the Price Right? – How to Win the Argument about Damages  (60 MINUTES)
Learn what to say and how best to say it so the jury will accept your side of the argument on damages. Get strategies for arguing for and against general damages, including pain, suffering, disability and emotional distress. It includes a discussion of collecting medical, employment, personal, and other information needed to support a winning damages argument.
– Michelle M. Draewell & Brandon E. Vaughn 

Winning Without Trial – Tips on Settlement Strategies and Drafting Effective Release Agreements  (45 MINUTES)
There are two key considerations to any settlement: Optimizing client results and protecting their interests through effective release and settlement agreements. Get practice pointers on when and if to settle your case and the potential pitfalls to avoid in the process.
– Matthew S. Frantzen & Isaac I. Tyroler 

Preparing to Win at Trial  (45 MINUTES)
The jury is seated, and the judge turns to you, “Counsel, are you ready to proceed?” Judge Stephen Smith gives you a view from the bench and draws upon his experience practicing personal injury law to provide insights that will help you, truthfully and confidently, answer, “Yes, Your Honor.”
– Judge Stephen L. Smith 

Ethics: Insights with a Personal Injury Focus – Lessons from a Lawyer’s Lawyer  (60 MINUTES)
1.0 ethics credit applied for
An attorney who clerked at the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility and works assisting lawyers with ethics and practice-related matters provides guidance for handling ethical issues.
– Nicholas M. Ryan


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Minnesota CLE is applying to the Minnesota State Board of CLE for 6.5 CLE credits, including 1.0 ethics credit. The maximum number of total credits attendees may claim for this program is 6.5 credits.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you practice, you may or may not be able to claim credit for viewing this on demand seminar. Please check with your licensing agency for accreditation information.