Minnesota CLE offers a wide range of learning experiences – seminars of various lengths and types are offered at our state-of-the-art conference center in downtown Minneapolis, at replay locations throughout Minnesota, and online.

In addition to programs addressing substantive areas and legal procedures, Minnesota CLE offers programs in ethics, elimination of bias, and professional development. Our annual multi-day Institutes offer comprehensive coverage of developments, a wide range of breakout choices, and a tremendous networking opportunity.

Live In-Person Seminars

Live presentations where both speakers and registrants attend in-person, or previously recorded presentations that are replayed on a scheduled date at a scheduled location where registrants and moderator attend in-person.

Institutes & Conferences

Institutes are major conferences in a particular practice area, generally planned in cooperation with MSBA section committees. These annual gatherings provide wonderful networking opportunities and cover important developments within the practice area. Multiple practice-oriented breakout sessions are typically offered, allowing attendees to create an individualized curriculum.

Live Online Seminars

Online programs that are streamed live at a scheduled date and time, with an opportunity to submit questions to the presenter/s via email or chat. Live webcasts are shorter and studio-produced; Live simulcasts are longer, generally a livestream of an in-person seminar.

On Demand Seminars

On Demand programs are previously recorded live seminars that you can access online and view on your own schedule, with an opportunity to submit questions to the presenter/s by email.