Electronic Coursebook
ITEM #:  75253519   |   PUBLISHED:  JUNE 10, 2019

2019 Non-Tax Case Law Update
– Robert A. McLeod

2019 Minnesota Legislative Update
– Lauren G. Barron & Cameron R. Seybolt

Your First Client: Using the Initial Client Interview to Inform the Estate Plan
– Chris Tymchuck

Lessons Learned from Three Years of Living with the Minnesota UTC
– Andrea S. Breckner, Jolene M. Cutshall, David J. Shannon & Christopher B. Hunt

Our Brains on Bias: Reducing the Negative Interference of the Unconscious
– Sara Taylor

What Every Paralegal Must Know About Estate Administration
– Cynthia R. Costello & Susan J. Link

Your First Will and Trust: Key Considerations When Drafting Your First Will and Trust
– Kara P. Gray & James R. Thomson

Small Estates Panel: Planning, Drafting and Administration Issues in Non-Taxable Estates
– Theresa M. Kowalski, Michael G. Kula, Mary Frances M. Price & James T. McNary

Your Estate Planning Client Dies, and You Receive a Call Requesting Your Client’s File…
– Rodney J. Mason & Richard J. Thomas

Directed Trusts: Understanding the Risks and Avoiding Liability
– Charles A.”Clary” Redd

Strategies for Dealing with Foreclosures in Probate
– Carl E. Christensen

It’s About Effectiveness: Developing Culturally Competent Teams
– Sara Taylor

The Ethical Paralegal: Your Guide to Compliance with Legal Ethical Rules
– Amy M. Halloran & Lynda Nelson

Your First Irrevocable Trust
– Beth T. Morrison

Retirement Accounts – The Basics of Post-Death Distributions
– Bryan Jamison

Snowbirds. Planning and Advising for Clients Flying South
– Jennifer A. Lammers & Terry L. Slye

What Do We Think About Our New Tools?: Non-Judicial Settlement, Modification, and Decanting Under the Minnesota Trust Code
– Margaret "Pook" M. Grathwol & Denise S. Rahne

A Post Tax Reform Review of 1031 Exchanges
– Paul J. Linstroth & Jeffrey R. Peterson

Medical Assistance (MA) Update 2019
– Julian J. Zweber

What Every Paralegal Must Know About Fiduciary Income Taxes
– Erin A. Donovan

Your First Probate: How to Manage Important Timelines and Deadlines
– Adam J. Rohne & Jill M. Sauber

Income Tax Considerations in Planning and Administration
– Marcia E. Urban

Foundation Fixer-Upper”: How to Repair the Cracks in the Family Foundation
– Jessica B. Johnson & Katherine S. Weber

A Deeper Dive Into Fiduciary Responsibilities
– Norman M. Abramson, Robert W. Mairs & Lloyd S. Stern

Practical Tips from Probate Court Representatives
– Darla Busian, Judge Elizabeth V. Cutter, Vicki O'Brien, Laura J. Stevens & Jaclynn M. Sparby

Malpractice Trends in Estate Planning Practice: 2019 Update
– Kenneth R. Landis

Satisfied Clients: Best Practices for General Estate Planning and Client Relationships
– Patrick Kratz & Tara D. Mattessich

Taking Legal Writing to the Next Level – For Paralegals
– Karin K. Ciano

Your First Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney
– Melissa Hagstrum Bayne

The Life Cycle of a Trust (Drafting Lessons from Administrators and Examples of Exercising Discretion)
– Julie A. Westbrock

Estate Planning Lessons from Doris Duke and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
– Lynne L. Pantalena

Quirks and Pitfalls of Probate and Trust Trials
– Joseph J. Cassioppi & Emily A. Unger

Answers to 20 Tricky Questions About Agricultural Estate Planning
– Hans K. Carlson, Shari P. Fischer, Fred W. Krahmer, Toni M. Sandin & Jennifer L. Gilk

Rembrandts and Beanie Babies: Answers to Common Questions About Valuing Personal Property
– Diana L. Marianetti, George Sonnen & Gloria S. Myre, moderator

Planning for Incapacity or Retirement: Key Ethical Considerations
– Eric T. Cooperstein & Paul M. Floyd

How to Handle Creditors’ Claims Against the Estate
– Ivory S. Umanah

Your First Estate Tax Return
– Brooke Hanssen & Andrew T. Howard

Overcoming Barriers to Settlement: Finding Sources of Resistance and Moving Through Impasse, Parts I & II
– Nina Meierding

New Lawyer Panel: Advice, Dos and Don’ts, Q and A and Resources
– Theresa G. Johnson, Kimberly A. Prchal, Jeremy P. So, Touch Thouk & Philip J. Ruce

Liability and Asset Protection – A Comparison of Minnesota Entities
– Matthew L. Stortz

Elimination of Bias: Drafting and Planning for Muslim Clients
– Imani S. Jaafar

Unlocking the Labyrinth: Navigating Common Issues in International Estate Planning
– Jennifer A. Ede & Sonny F. Miller

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