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To claim CLE credit, view by:  March 27, 2024

Through December 31, 2023, Minnesota-licensed attorneys can satisfy continuing legal education requirements by viewing and reporting up to 30 credits of on demand programming. Effective the first reporting period after January 1, 2024, there is no limit. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you practice, you may or may not be able to claim credit for viewing this on demand seminar. Please check with your licensing agency for accreditation information.

How to Form and Advise Small Businesses in Minnesota – While Helping Your Clients Avoid Major Pitfalls and Common Mistakes

Fun, Fast-Paced, and Comprehensive!

Originally presented:  March 28, 2022     |     Course length:  6.0 hours

This seminar will help you navigate the small business client relationship and effectively address the issues that arise along the way.

Learn the 2 most important issues when it comes to:

  • Forming a Small Business
  • Pitfalls with Formation
  • Resolving Disputes with ADR
  • Attorney-Client Privilege

And how to advise and help your client with issues pertaining to:

  • Contracts
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Professional Service Businesses

Special Bonus Materials
Each attendee will receive FREE electronic versions of the Summary Guide Comparing Minnesota Business Entities and the Small Business Administration Loans Legal Quick Sheet.

Welcome & Introduction  (5 MINUTES)

Your Role as a Lawyer for a Small Business

Your Role as a Lawyer for a Small Business – How to Successfully Serve Your Client and Navigate the Relationship  (20 MINUTES)
As an attorney for a small business, you may have to put on many different hats and help address issues beyond the legalize. Additionally, small business clients may be specialized, or their business and legal needs may expand as time progresses. This session will provide an overview of what its like to work with a small business, how best to address a client’s various legal and non-legal requests, how to serve as a general counselor for your client, how to resolve challenges and avoid pitfalls as the client’s business and relationship grows over the years.
– Jennie A. Clarke

Your Role as a Lawyer for a Small Business – Practicum Panel Discussing Real World Examples  (40 MINUTES)
Join an experienced panel of attorneys who work with small businesses discuss how they have navigated their small business client relationship. Hear tips and strategies on what has worked and the challenges they have faced along the way.
– Abby Pettit, Wynne Reece & Betsey Lund Ross
– Jennie A. Clarke (moderator)

Important 2s

2 Popular Entity Formations for a Small Business – LLCs and Partnerships  (30 MINUTES)
This session will discuss the 2 most popular entity formations for a small business with LLCs and Partnerships. Learn the pros and cons of these entities and why they are popular.
– Kimberly M. Hanlon 

2 Common Pitfalls with Entity Formation for a Small Business – Non-Profit and Converting or Merging an Entity  (30 MINUTES)
The two major issues that arise after formation are when (1) a small business should really have been a non-profit, and (2) problems a small business runs into with improperly converting to or merging with a different entity. Learn how to properly address both issues and help your client avoid costly mistakes.
– Jeffrey C. O’Brien 

2 Ways a Small Business Owner Can Use ADR to Avoid and Manage Internal Disputes – Grounded Beginnings and Dodged Battles  (30 MINUTES)
Going into business with someone is great. Except when it isn’t. Proposing new ways to think about ADR, this presentation will explore ways business partners can use mediation to craft the rules they’ll follow (that is, draft their operating agreement) and how turning to ADR when they first see signs of disagreement can keep a minor dispute from turning into an entrenched battle – and might even save the business.
– Chad A. Snyder

2 Attorney-Client Privilege Issues to be Aware of When Working with a Small Business – Conflict and Privilege  (30 MINUTES)
0.5 ethics credit applied for
Attorneys representing small businesses have to keep in mind who their client is and make sure they respect that client’s confidentiality and privilege. This session examines the ethical issues surrounding privilege and potential conflicts of interest that are wrapped up in representation of small businesses or their owners.
– Chad A. Snyder

Practical How Tos

How to Advise a Small Business with Contractual Issues – Dealing with Different Types of Contracts  (35 MINUTES)
During the life cycle of a small business your client may need help with many different types of contracts. This session will provide an overview on the various types of contracts for services such as NDAs, SaaS, EULAs and others. Additionally, learn about UCC considerations if your client buys or sells goods. Understand the general terms and conditions, hear about certain industry specific contractual issues, and learn best practices when it comes to contract drafting.
– Heather L. Marx & Kristi Adair Zentner 

How to Advise a Small Business with Commercial Real Estate Lease Issues and Landlord Disputes  (40 MINUTES)
If your small business client has a physical location, then you will likely have to address their commercial real estate lease. Learn about the basics of a commercial real estate lease, the main terms and concepts, and how to properly conduct a lease review. Additionally, understand how to avoid and resolve the common lease disputes that arise in the commercial context.
– Shannon D. Hoagland

How to Advise a Small Business with its Employment Issues – Understanding the Complexity of Employment Law  (35 MINUTES)
As a small business owner, your client will have questions pertaining to hiring, retaining, and resolving issues with employees. This session will provide a brief overview of key employment issues such as employment classifications, the hiring process, employment agreements, and handbooks, benefits, and restrictive covenants to ensure you have a starting point to address your client’s standard employment needs.
– Patrick M. Spott 

How to Advise a Small Business with Its Intellectual Property Issues – Protecting Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret and Patents  (35 MINUTES)
Small businesses may ask your help with their IP even if you are not an IP expert. This session will discuss what you should do when your client asks for IP help. Learn (1) what each type of IP is, (2) what kinds of issues can arise, and (3) how much a small business attorney can reasonably do before referring the issue out to an IP expert.
– Kelcey L. Patrick-Ferree 

How to Advise Professionals Who Start a Small Business – Working with Accountants, Lawyers, Medical Professionals and Others Under the Minnesota Professional Firms Act  (35 MINUTES)
Professionals in various disciplines start up their own small businesses. Whether you are working with an architect, lawyer, medial professional, or another type of professional there are some common issues that can come up with formation, ownership, licensure renewals, complaints and disciplinary actions, and others.
– Paul M. Floyd


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Minnesota CLE is applying to the Minnesota State Board of CLE for 6.0 CLE credits, including 0.5 ethics credit. The maximum number of total credits attendees may claim for this program is 6.0 credits.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you practice, you may or may not be able to claim credit for viewing this on demand seminar. Please check with your licensing agency for accreditation information.