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2019 Title VII Update  All the Important Cases and Their Impact
– Steven Andrew Smith

2019 ADA Update  The Important Cases and Developments That You Should Know and Understand
– Mary B. Thomas

2019 Data Privacy and Security Update  For Employment Law Professionals
– Brian Hengesbaugh

2019 Minnesota Update
– Shalanda D. Ballard

2019 NLRB Update
– Paul J. Zech

2019 EEOC Update – From the EEOC’s Assistance Legal Counsel
– Christopher J. Kuczynski

It’s Not About the Questions: Structuring and Conducting Effective and Informed Investigative Interviews
– Fran A. Sepler

Strategic Use of Employee Performance Improvement Plans: How to Develop, Implement, and Hold Employees Accountable - Including an Annotated PIP
– Brian T. Benkstein

10 Tough FMLA Questions and Their Answers - Working Through Leave Law Issues That Are Often Difficult and Confusing
– Penelope J. Phillips

Keeping the Faith: Real Solutions to Religious Accommodation
– Shirley O. Lerner

A Benefits and ERISA Primer for Employment Law Attorneys (from Advisors to Litigators)
– Timothy D. S. Goodman & Kirsten E. Schubert

Negotiating Strategies for Better Results – Understanding Both the Competitive and Integrative Bargaining Processes to Maximize Success
– Nina Meierding

Washington Policy and Regulatory Changes – What’s Going On and Where We Are Headed
– James A. Paretti

The Art of Successful Deposition Practice in Employment Law Cases
– Barbara J. D'Aquila & Lawrence P. Schaefer

Sick and Safe Time in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Beyond
– Leonard B. Segal

12 Tough ADA Questions and Answers – Making Good Decisions in Difficult Situations
– Sara G. McGrane

The 10 Rules of Termination Decisions
– Robert C. Boisvert, Jr.

Tech Tips to Make Your Employment Law Practice Easier and More Efficient
– Jessica L. Birken & Benjamin R. Kwan

Wage and Hour Cases and Trends in 2019
– Michele R. Fisher & Joseph K. Mulherin

The 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I First Began Trying Employment Cases – Important Tips That Will Make You a Better Trial and Arbitration Litigator
– Stephen J. Snyder

Sex Harassment After #MeToo – The Latest Cases, Laws and Practices
– Sheila A. Engelmeier & Steven Andrew Smith

2019 Public Sector Employment Law – Case and Legislative Update
– Clifford M. Greene & Katherine M. Swenson

The Injured Worker - Navigating the Intersection of Workers’ Compensation, FMLA and the ADA
– Kathleen S. Bray

Strategic Use of Separation Agreements and Releases – Plus A Helpful Checklist and Sample Documents
– Thomas A. Jacobson

The Art and Science of the Opening Offer: Strategy not Style
– Nina Meierding

2019 FMLA Update – New Cases, DOL Guidelines and Current Practices
– Jenny Gassman-Pines & Nicholas G. B. May

Complex Restrictive Covenant Topics for the Advanced Practitioner
– Katie M. Connolly & Joel O'Malley

Extra! Extra! Read All About It – Not Always the Headline You Want When It Comes to the Data Practices Act and Open Meeting Law
– Paula R. Johnston & Jana O'Leary Sullivan

10 Best Practices for Managing Employees with Mental Health Conditions
– Tracey H. Donesky & Kristin B. Parker

Negotiating the Top 5 Issues When Executives and Their Employers Part Ways
– Jeffrey B. Oberman & John D. Thompson

Overcoming Barriers to Settlement: Understanding Sources of Resistance and Moving Through Impasse
– Nina Meierding

8 Most Important Whistleblower Cases – The Cases You Must Know and How They Impact Plaintiffs and Defense
– Sara G.McGrane & Joni M. Thome

Off Duty, But Not Off the Hook – Rules About Off-Duty Misconduct for Public Employees
– Kristi A. Hastings

Keeping the Fire in Your Belly: Why You Need to Take Time Off to Avoid Attorney Burnout and Ethics Traps (and How to Do It Well)
– Dyan Wilmlias

Answers to 20 of the Biggest Employment Law Questions Facing Employers in 2019
– Marko J. Mrkonich

How to Structure and Execute Your Investigative Interview of the Accuser
– Fran A. Sepler

Preparing for Mediation: Specific Planning Tips That Will Produce Better Outcomes for Your Client
– Nina Meierding

Navigating the Expanding Maze of State and Local Employment Laws: Practical Tips for Multi-State Employers
– Kristin Jones Pierre & Daniel G. Prokott

2019 Retaliation and Whistleblower Update – The Impact of the New Minnesota and Federal Cases
– M. William O'Brien & Melissa Raphan

Ethics: Pay Disparity, Harassment and Glass Ceilings – #MeToo in the Legal Profession
– Susan M. Humiston

Drafting and Updating Your Paid and Unpaid Leave Policies – In an Era of Overlapping Laws Governing Leave, including the FMLA, ADA, and State and Local Laws
– Grant T. Collins

The Unwitting Employer: Independent Contractor Misclassification and Co-Employment Risks in the Era of the Gig Economy
– Ryan E. Mick

Cybersecurity Tips for You, Your Law Firm or Your Company – Ways to Guard Against Theft, Hacking, Phishing, Ransomware and More!
– Mark Lanterman

At the Mediation Table: Strategies for Working with Mediators to Get Better Results
– Nina Meierding

Drugs, Alcohol and, Now, Marijuana – The Critical Issues When Testing Employees
– Deidre D. Rehfeld, Amy C. Taber, Kristine D. Yen & Timothy Y. Wong

8th Circuit and Federal District Court Update
– Cynthia A. Bremer & Justin D. Cummins

The Growing Employer Risk – ERISA Liability for Employer-Sponsored 401K, Pensions and other ERISA Plans
– Paul J. Lukas & Joseph G. Schmitt

The Top 10 Tips for Managing the Aftermath of Janus
– Brendan D. Cummins, Susan K. Hansen & David M. Aron

Exempt or Non-Exempt? Classifying Employees Correctly and Avoiding Potential Liabilities
– Joseph G. Schmitt & Rachhana T. Srey

Intermittent FMLA: A Continuing Complex Challenge
– Mary M. Krakow

How to Structure and Execute Your Investigative Interview of a Reluctant Witness
– Fran A. Sepler

The Impact of Gender on Negotiation and Mediation
– Nina Meierding

Managing Risk in High Profile Misconduct Investigations
– Robert R. Reinhart, Jr., Jen Dellumth, Katherine A. Lawler, Michelle A. Miller & Kathryn A. Mrkonich Wilson

2019 Age Discrimination – An Update and Best Practices for Both Plaintiff and Defense
– Beth E. Bertelson & Joseph W. Hammell

4 Rules of Discipline Documentation
– Robert C. Boisvert, Jr.

Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation: Obligations and Options – Updated for 2019
– Penelope J. Phillips

The Impact of Culture on Negotiation and Mediation
– Nina Meierding

Strategies for Developing and Litigating Noncompete Agreements in the Fast-Changing Legal Landscape
– Charles F. Knapp & Jacqueline A. Mrachek

How to Structure and Execute Your Investigative Interview of the Respondent (Alleged Wrongdoer)
– Fran A. Sepler

Hiring a Person with a Non-Compete Agreement
– Jeffrey B. Oberman

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