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A Tax Planning Checklist for Your Real Estate Clients – After the New Federal Tax Law
– Mark A. Sellner

2018 Minnesota Case Law Update
– Dean L. Bussey, Paul B. Kilgore, Nancy K. Landmark, Elizabeth G. Roetker & Samuel J. H. Sigelman

Hot Topics – “Well” Buildings, Opportunity Zones, eCRV Update, Autonomous Vehicles, Agricultural Homestead Credits, and More!
– Angela M. Christy & Thomas H. Sellnow

2018 Title Standards & Update
– Robert L. Russell & Cindy K. Telstad

2018 Legislative Update Including the New Notary Statute
– Jennifer L. Carey & Kevin J. Dunlevy

Basics of Residential Foreclosure by Advertisement – A “How To Do It” Session
– Kibongni Fondungallah

How to Get from Here to There – Effective Use of Easements and Cartways
– Charles H. Andresen

Understanding Torrens and How It Works – With Special Focus on Certifications, Examiner’s Directives and the Use of Proceedings Subsequent
– Wayne D. Anderson & Kimberly E. Brzezinski

The Kepple Panel – Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Commission or Omission in Commercial Purchase Agreements
– Tammera R. Diehm, Thomas P. Stoltman, Larry M. Wertheim & - Lloyd G. Kepple

10 Construction Contract Traps – And How to Negotiate and Draft to Avoid the Landmines (Both Owner and Contractor Perspectives)
– Katherine A. Golden & B.J. Nodzon

Tips When Creating Vertical Subdivisions and Complex Financial Arrangements
– Angela M. Christy

Key Issues in Structuring Joint Ventures for Real Estate Projects
– Brian S. McCool

Reviewing a Commercial Lease – Taking Out the “Poison Pills”
– Justin P. Weinberg

Current Land Use Issues from the Local Government Perspective – Zoning, Variances, Comprehensive Plans and More!
– Corrine A. Heine, George C. Hoff, Roger N. Knutson, James R. Thompson & Bruce D. Malkerson

Affordable Housing 101 – An Introduction to the Process of Working with Government Financing to Create an Affordable Housing Project
– Jeffrey J. Koerselman & Erin E. Mathern

The Annual Bush Nielsen Title Insurance Case Update
– J. Bushnell Nielsen

7 Conveyancing Issues and Practical Solutions
– Barbara B. Gilmore

20 Practice Tips for the Commercial Real Estate Attorney
– Thomas F. De Vincke & Gregory D. Soule

Negotiating and Drafting the Purchase Agreement for Vacant Land – Including an Annotated Purchase Agreement
– Shannon D. Hoagland

Using Letters of Intent – What to Include, What to Avoid and Why Even Use?
– David W. Kelley & John R. Wheaton

Understanding Agricultural Foreclosures – Including Farmer-Lender Mediation and Rights of First Refusal
– Michael S. Dove

The Basics of Survey Review – Getting the “Picture”
– Mary C. Taylor

Broker and Agent Liability – The Things That Happen and Is There a Problem?
– David J. McGee

20 Important Things to Know About Real Estate – But Few People Do
– Matthew J. Foli

Basic Securities Law for Real Estate Attorneys – How to Raise Capital Without Going to Jail
– Anne P. Cotter & David C. Jenson

AIA Contracts for General Construction – The Missing Elements and What Needs to be Added to the Documents
– Robert J. Olson

Implementing Real Estate Opportunities in the New Tax Law
– Mark A. Sellner & Andrew P. Seifert

Liability Assurances from the MPCA for Contaminated Property – Including Recent Changes at the MPCA (Plus a Bonus Tip on Government Funding Regarding These Properties)
– Mark A. Ethen, Paul S. Moe & J. Joseph Otte

Drafting and Enforcing Remedy Provisions for Commercial Landlords – Including Annotated Remedy Provisions
– Mark E. Hamel & Tiana M. Towns

Medical Assistance with Agricultural Land
– Lauren L. Fink & Kate Z. Graham

The Tribal Real Estate Deal – What You Absolutely Need to Know!
– Shauna L. Coons

How to Develop a Successful Real Estate Practice
– John H. Brennan

How to Use Title Insurance to Solve Title Issues – A Case Study Approach
– Charles D. Hoyum & Kelly L. Quam

Title Exorcism – How to Rid Items That Cloud the Title
– David J. Meyers

What Can the City Make You Pay? Special Assessments, Area Assessments, Taxes and Fees?
– Thomas J. Radio

The Commercial Lease Is Signed, Now What? Dealing with Post-Signing Issues – Including Sample Forms
– Tammy Jo Schemmel & Thomas R. Wentzell

Insurance and Indemnity Provisions in Real Estate Contracts – Purchase Agreements, Leases and Construction Contracts
– Zachary J. Crain & Daniel J. Singel

Reviewing Title Commitments and Surveys in Commercial Transactions – Including Forms and Checklists to Assist Your Review
– Thomas L. Bray

Homestead Sweet Homestead: A Guide to a Surviving Spouse’s Exempt Property Rights Under the Minnesota Probate Code
– Anton Cheskis & Kirstin E. Helmers

Residential and Recreational Easement Problems – And Solutions
– Rick S. Little

Introduction to Tax Credits and Other Governmental Assistance in Real Estate Developments
– Peter J. Berrie

Water, Drainage and Ditches – The Rights, Responsibility and Liabilities of Landowners
– Kurt A. Deter

How to Subdivide Property – A Step-by-Step Guide
– Mark S. Radke

The New Guidelines for Legal Descriptions and Survey Matters
– Nancy K. Landmark, David J. Meyers & Robert L. Russell

Negotiating and Drafting the Residential Construction Contract – Including an Annotated Document
– Gina M. Fox

10 Big Pitfalls Developers Encounter During the Development Process
– Lica Tomizuka

Negotiating a Construction Loan Agreement for Multi-Family Real Estate Developments
– Iain M. Johnson & Todd M. Phelps

Cap Rates, ROI and IRR: Real Estate Math for Lawyers
– Alicia Capes & Anne M. Olson

Start-Up Churches and Minority-Religion Houses of Worship – Land-Use Challenges and a Powerful Remedy
– Hon. Christopher J. Dietzen (Retired) & Bryan J. Huntington

Medical Assistance Planning – Protecting Assets for the Spouse
– Julian J. Zweber

High Risk for Lenders and Title Companies! How Ignoring Federal Law Concerning Closing Agents Is Dangerous Business
– J. Bushnell Nielsen

Rejected! Mistakes on Documents That Prevent Approval or Recording
– Wayne D. Anderson & Michelle Ashe

Creating Property Management Agreements – Including an Annotated Document
– Justin P. Weinberg

Buying the Commercial Building – The Critical Due Diligence Checklist
– Shannon D. Hoagland

Putting Together the Key CIC Documents – Focus on the Declaration and Bylaws with Annotated Documents
– Jennifer L. Carey

The New “Opportunity Zone” Tax Law – Can It Work for Your Client?
– Angela M. Christy & Jon J. Hoganson

Potential Ethical Issues for Real Estate Attorneys – From the Perspective of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
– Susan M. Humiston

How to Preserve the Agricultural Homestead in the Face of the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s Enforcement Efforts
– Kaitlin M. Pals

Someone Like Me Can Do This: Stories of Latino Lawyers and Judges in Minnesota
– Bryan R. Browning, Aleida O. Conners, Angelita E. Hernandez & Hon. Daniel C. Moreno

Clearing Title So Property Can Be Sold: Fearlessly Clearing Title Objections; Even Through Court Proceedings
– Matthew J. Foli

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