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ITEM #:  40178917   |   PUBLISHED:  MARCH 21, 2017

InFORMed Annotated Legal Document with eFormbook
The Parenting Plan

Prepared by Ellen Abbott & Jessie Ware

For attorneys practicing family law, this Parenting Plan InFORMed Annotated Legal Document with eFormbook will be an invaluable resource. Drafted by two experienced and respected family law practitioners, this incredibly comprehensive Parenting Plan includes introductory materials which address historical background, plan appropriateness, how to use the document, general drafting issues, modification and moving a child out of state, child support, and allocation of children’s expenses. The annotated Parenting Plan covers purpose; standards of conduct; information and exchange of information regarding the children; communication between parents and children; decision-making; childcare; medical, dental, orthodontia, and mental health care; spiritual, religious, and cultural heritage; organized activities; parenting time schedule; summer vacation parenting time; special occasions and holidays; travel and vacation parenting time; transportation; moving and relocation; modification of schedule; modification of legal standards; dispute resolution; residence; and required designation of legal and physical custody. The Parenting Plan also has detailed samples documents as appendices, including the parenting plan outline, children’s developmental needs and parenting time, sample regular parenting time schedules, and special occasions and holidays. 

The companion eFormbook provides a downloadable version of the form, giving practitioners a head start at drafting, saving you time and money, and helping you create the best, most comprehensive documents to serve your client’s needs.

Introductory Materials

  • Historical Background
  • Plan Appropriateness
  • How to Use This Document
  • General Drafting Issues
  • Modification and Moving a Child Out of State
  • Child Support and Allocation of Children’s Expenses
  • Final Comments

Parenting Plan with Annotations

  • Purpose
  • Standards of Conduct – Communication; Information and Exchange of Information Regarding Children; Communication Between Children and Parents
  • Decision-Making – Education; Childcare; Medical, Dental, Orthodontia, and Mental Health Care; Spiritual, Religious, and Cultural Heritage; Organized Activities
  • Parenting-Time Schedule – Regular Parenting Time Schedule; Summer Parenting Time Schedule; Special Occasions and Holiday Parenting Time Schedule; Travel and Vacation Parenting Time Schedule; Parenting Time Priorities
  • Transportation
  • Moving/Relocation
  • Modification of Schedule
  • Modification of Legal Standards to Be Applied – Change of Custody
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Residence
  • Child Support and/or Allocation of Children’s Expenses
  • Notice Regarding Statutory Rights
  • Required Designation of Legal and Physical Custody

Appendix A – Parenting Plan Outline

Appendix B – Children’s Developmental Needs and Parenting Time

Appendix C – Sample Regular Parenting Time Schedules

Appendix D – Special Occasions and Holidays

Companion eFormbook
Your annotated manual provides instructions for accessing the eFormbook.


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