Look at IndexMinnesota Child Custody Deskbook, 3rd Edition

Gary A. Debele, Editor

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The Third Edition of the Minnesota Child Custody Deskbook includes 24 chapters covering all aspects of child custody in Minnesota, including: Best Interest Factors, Child Custody and Child Support Appeals, Custody Modification and Relocation, Child Support, Medical Support, Custody and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Interstate and International Jurisdiction, and Custody Labels and Parenting Plans. It includes new case law from 2015-2016, including cases from the United States Supreme Court, the Minnesota Supreme Court, and the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Updated content includes a newly updated chapter covering child custody trials, child custody and parenting plan evaluations, a comprehensive overview and analysis of the new best interest factors, a newly rewritten chapter on legal recognition of LGBT families which includes a look at both national and state laws and case law, and fully revised chapters on psychological issues, and bonding and attachment.

Simply put, the Minnesota Child Custody Deskbook brings together all the knowledge necessary to be successful is this dynamic, challenging field. Written with the practicing attorney in mind, the Deskbook examines all areas of child custody and support law. Covering everything from the child support law to the best interest process, the Minnesota Child Custody Deskbook is a comprehensive guide to family law issues involving children. Written by experienced judges, attorneys, guardians, mediators, psychologists and professors, it offers every perspective on problems of child custody and support. Discussions of motion practice sit alongside thorough analyses of attachment issues within families, with the text enhanced throughout by Minnesota CLE’s trademark practice tips, strategies and checklists.



The 2018 Update to the Minnesota Child Custody Deskbook is comprised of updates to 17 chapters, including Ch. 4 – Interviewing the Client, Ch. 7 – Best Interest Factors, Ch. 8 – Preparing, Settling, and Trying a Child Custody Case, Ch. 12 – Third Party Custody and Alternative Custodial Arrangements, Ch. 15 – Child Support Issues, Ch. 16 – Medical Support, Ch. 19 – Custody and ADR, Ch. 23 – Custody Labels and Parenting Plans, and many others! Updates include a fully-revised Ch. 8 addressing custody trials, examination of new case law in the area of third-party custody, and new analysis of the changes to the ACA and the impact the changes may have on medical support issues. Fully updated and written with the practicing attorney in mind, the Minnesota Child Custody Deskbook is an invaluable resource for attorneys practicing in the area of family law.