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Professional In-House Skills Training

The Minnesota Continuing Legal Education Skills Training program was established in 1988 to provide accessible and affordable skills training to Minnesota lawyers through interactive, participatory learning-by-doing courses. Minnesota CLE is committed to providing opportunities for continued professional development and creating a practicing bar of the highest competency.

An in-house training program may be the most effective way to train the attorneys within your firm. The Minnesota CLE Skills Training staff can design and implement an in-house program that meets the specific needs of your firm. Since group training is conducted in a closed setting, actual cases or situations you are working on can be used in depositions, negotiations, opening and closing arguments, direct and cross exams, or expert examinations.

In-house training provides you with the unique opportunity to:

  • focus on specific advocacy skills

  • target training to the experience level of the participants

  • choose the most suitable case materials

  • choose your lead faculty member

  • interact with other firm members

  • discuss firm philosophy

Skills training courses allow participants to acquire, rehearse and perfect their advocacy skills. Students perform various skills in small group exercises, which are critiqued by our expert faculty in our specially designed courtroom immediately following their performances. Each attorney is given an insightful, objective and honest review of his/her performance by outstanding teachers who are some of the finest practitioners and judges in Minnesota.

For more information about in-house training for your firm, please call our office at 651-227-8266 or 800-759-8840. We will meet with your professional development representatives to develop a program that meets the specific needs of your attorneys. Many of the programs listed under course offerings can be presented in a single or multi-day format and/or two programs can be combined or modified to create a new program.